The Perfect Multicultural Books for Parents and Kids to Read

In recent years, literature has become diverse and accepting. This has resulted in parents facing difficulty in choosing the right multicultural book to read in the home. Books transport its readers to fantasy lands and new worlds where magic is, and animals talk. The stories introduced to kids are genuinely fascinating. However, weaving in the right message for diverse families is a challenge that parents face every day. Here are some of the must-read multicultural books for the home.

Can I Touch Your Hair?

This is a delightful book that helps you have bold conversations with children about friendship, race, and global citizenship.  ‘Can I Touch Your Hair?’ reveals the mistakes, race, and friendship in a fictional setup, thereby delving in a relatable way into different experiences. This book is a poem of two classmates working together on a project in their fifth grade, and they are not sure what they have to do. They explore topics such as hobbies, hair, and family dinners. This book offers a glance on different cultures integrating seamlessly, about family backgrounds on the playground and in the classrooms. In fact, multiracial families should read this book and have a conversation about the hardships and strengths of a multiracial family. This book will surely help children in reflecting their experiences, friendships, difficulties, and accidental microaggressions.

Luna Loves Library Day

This fantastic book is a must- add to any diverse bookshelf. Luna Loves Library Day is about a multiracial family (Caucasian and African-American). The author Joseph Coelho is a great ‘up and coming’ poet from the UK, looking for children’s literature. Luna’s parents live apart, and they have shared custody. Luna loves the Library day as it means she can spend time with her dad.  This is an inspiring story revealing the divorce complexity, and yet how children are always being loved. Delightful illustrations highlight the wonders of libraries.

Raising Multiracial Children: A Parent’s Guide

Raising Multiracial Children: A Parent’s Guide refers to a family story explaining how they raised their daughter to be flexible and robust.  It shows how they taught her to confront inequality and racial bias while moving around as an expat family. There were courageous conversations, and this was done to help their daughter learn how to react and respond when required. In this way, she could physically and emotionally protect herself when encountered by the world of people who judged her based on her skin colour.

Mixed: A Colorful Story

This is one of the new multicultural books to read, and it introduces three colours red, yellow, and blue in the beginning. All the colours are unique in their own way, and all live peacefully. One day Red announces ‘Reds are the best’ and triggers a colour argument. This is a beautiful story on, and this is an inspiring book about tolerance, colour, and embracing differences.  This book is written by Arree Chung and is an appropriate way of empowering multiracial children to this unique, beautiful heritage.

There is a need for multicultural books so that children learn new things and know to differentiate from right and wrong. In this way, children get an opportunity to see books reflecting themselves and each child will find it interesting and enjoy reading.