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What will I be?


This rhyming romp through the world of jobs with an engaging black heroine provides inspiration for all children. Tyra considers all the kinds of work she could do when she grows up… but first she must learn to spell. 

Black girl thinking of jobs she could do, including electrician

Paperback, 32pages, 265x210mm 

Letterbox Librarys says of What will I be? and Choices, choices…, “Full of affirmation and aspiration, these books gently encourage children to have dreams and to aim as high as their dreams will float them! Crucially, gender is no barrier. Dexter is equally thrilled by all the choices on offer in his head –food critic, astronomer, marine biologist, clothes designer – and Tyra can picture herself as a midwife just as easily as a pilot, fire-fighter, pest controller(!) or an electrician lighting up the city. 
Bold, cartoon illustrations, snappy text and a great sense of play and fun really lift these books out of the usual ‘occupations’ books for children.”

Meryl Shepherd says, “The message that ‘I can be anything’ in these books is great whether the child is male, female or ‘likes pink’! All children will enjoy the humour and excitement that unfolds in these pages and open young children’s minds to the view that gender is no barrier to any profession.” (Meryl’s current role is Visiting Lecturer Roehampton University, Persona Doll Trainer and Early Years Consultant)


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