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Mentoring authors and illustrators

We are currently working with an illustrator and several new authors to support their artistic development and produce beautiful books. Contact us to submit your work.

Habiba Nabisubi is an illustrator who explores themes of race, society, gender and identity. She has just graduated from Camberwell College of Arts. During her third year she began to focus on addressing the diversity gap within children’s picture storybooks and focused her research on questioning why in 2016 this is still such a big problem.

She takes inspiration from both her British and Ugandan heritage and believes they enrich her as a artist and individual. 

We are working with her to develop illustrations for a picture book.

Habiba Nabisubi

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We are also delighted to be working with Dr Gabrielle Beckles-Raymons, Lecturer at Christchurch College, London and the poet Denise Saul, both of whom are interested in exploring the world of children's writing. 


Nathan Bryon is an actor and film maker who is working with us to develop his first children's picture book Look up! about a little girl who is fascinated with the stars at night.

We're looking at making a modern graphic novel out of it aimed at 7-9 year olds.

Nathan Bryon