Multiculture Promoting Picture Books – Picturebooks for Children

Multicultural picture books for children give the readers extensive views, and these picture books are useful to promote the curriculum of Social Studies as it provides the students new perceptions of other cultures.  There is a demand for thoughtful and vibrant children’s books. Children love to learn new things about people and enjoy reading books as it helps them understand various cultures. Besides they get to explore, celebrate and interact with cultural elements.

Here are a few beautifully illustrated favourite children’s multicultural picture books that present a broad spectrum of families and children in different colours, abilities, cultures, and nationalities.

The Snowy Day

This is a classic book by Ezra Jack Keats. It has an unforgettable collage of illustrations. It features a little boy Peter, exploring the transformation of his city after heavy snowing. This is a beautiful picture book suitable for ages 3 to 5-year-olds.

Round is a Mooncake

This book by Jenny Thong reveals a curious young girl exploring her neighbourhood and home. She marvels at all the objects that are seen in varying shapes, a square pizza box, a round bowl, and a rectangular shape cell phone. This book introduces your children to different shapes that they will never forget. In fact, this book is a clever reflection of traditional American and Chinese cultures enriching the world. It is suitable for students of ages 5 to 7 years.

Something Beautiful

This picture book is about a young African American girl who is depressed about seeing the ugliness in her neighbourhood. She tries to find something beautiful and in her aim to change the world. The quest inspires her to see things around her that she is charmed by every day in both objects and sights. The illustrations done by Sharon Dennis Wyeth are gorgeous that there will be vivid memories even after days of finishing this book. This book is suitable for kindergarten kids.

My Brother Charlie

Charlie is the twin brother of Callie, and he is very dear to her. However, Charlie is very different from her as he has autism. Honestly, Charlie can do many things very well and in some things he needs help. This is a loving story celebrating the special bond of siblings and also offers a glimpse into the entire family, world and the child’s autism spectrum. This book is understandable to students within ages 5 to 7 years.

A Rainbow of Friends

P.K. Hallinan wrote this book. This is a multicultural picture book that will interest kindergarten and preschool students alike. This book highlights different attributes of friends such as skin colour, clothing, gender, and ethnicity. They are friends, regardless of how different they appear. This is a picture book for kindergarteners, and it highlights different children, appearing different. As the schools are culturally diverse, students get exposed early to cultural aspects and gain an understanding of respecting one another.

These culture-promoting picture books have acquired the greatest success. These books are motivating and inspiring that students learn new things and learn to accept things as they are. Unlike adults, children can be taught to accept and respect every race and gender without inhibitions. Starting as young as kindergarten will make today’s racial discrimination a far away concept to the citizens of tomorrow.