How to Write A Multicultural Book

Write A Multicultural Book

There are many kinds of literature being sold in the market. The themes, genres, and forms of the books differ as more and more people express fascination and interest with various kinds of books. Children’s literature continues to be one of the strongest markets in book writing and publishing. These kinds of literature can be described as motivational, fun, heartfelt, but straightforward, as well as it aims to teach children valuable knowledge and life lessons.

With the increase of attention and efforts in the area of cultural identity and sensitivity, multicultural literature is relatively new compared to the other genres of writing, especially that of children’s literature. However, it is a promising, fruitful, and noble field. Here are a few information tips and advice that you could follow if you are thinking of writing your very own multicultural adult or children’s book.

Defining a Multicultural Book

Multicultural books are books that feature characters from diverse cultural backgrounds. They are often people of color whose culture, history, background, and personality are often portrayed in media as stereotypes. However, multicultural books seek to inform readers more about the authentic cultural identity of individuals from all over the world.

Multicultural books often have an author who comes from a cultural minority in a particular community or a culturally diverse background. These authors often write form the wealth of their knowledge and experiences, along with the insights and reflections that they have had over the years. The main thing that differentiates multicultural books from other types and genres is its aim to broaden the understanding and perspective of individuals who do not come from the same background.

Authenticity is the Key

Although it is not necessarily required that the author of a multicultural book be a member of the cultural group that he or she is writing about, knowing about the authentic identity and experiences of the group is very important. For the goal of the multicultural literature be attained in a book, the author must present genuine, even intimate knowledge and understanding of the people he or she is writing about. 

One way that this could be done is through immersion. It would be better for the writer to live in the society of his book’s subject and get to know their ideas, beliefs, traditions, and values. If immersion is not possible for financial or time constraints, then as an author, it is your job to research as much as possible about the cultural group to be featured in your book. Other than research on the internet or through books, make appointments for interviews with friends, colleagues, or the people in their social circles who have the first-hand experience of being a part of or among the culture and people you are writing about.

The Goal is Better Representation

Aside from getting your facts straight, there is also the manner of writing the book. The goal of the author and the multicultural literature genre is the abolishment of stereotypes. Media and past literature may have contributed to the way the public eye views Asians, Native Americans, or Africans. It must be the aim of your book to correct these stereotypes and educate readers towards an authentic understanding of people from other cultures, and eventually, genuine respect for cultural diversity.