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Our Ugandan book

Firetree books Books with children Uganda Book Project - A very busy day

Illustration of black man and two children sitting at the back of a truck on a farm

In 2014, we produced this book for Redearth Education in Uganda. Just this week we were delighted to hear from Redearth that it’s proving “a hit” in local schools.

A very busy day resulted from an invitation to Verna to speak at Redearth’s teacher conference. Redearth Education works in Uganda providing opportunities for teachers to develop their teaching skills through training and in-school support.

Verna realised that the few books in the schools she visited didn’t reflect the lives of the children in the classrooms. Many of the books were donated from overseas. She decided to write a book set in Masindi, the village where Redearth is based, with the support of the children. They supplied all the local information, helping to make the book a true reflection of their lives. Beautiful illustrations by Sarah Kirk capture the lush Ugandan countryside.

Illustration of people working on a farm in Uganda

Now Redearth have received a very generous donation to their Reading Programme from the non-profit organisation The Uphill Trust. Nestled in the Crater Lake hills of western Uganda, their Uphill Junior School provides quality education to children aged 3-12 in the remote village of Iruhuura.

Smiling Ugandan children in school uniform

The Uphill Trust acquired one copy of A very busy day earlier this year for their pupils and said it had “been a hit” and they wanted 10 more copies!

Redearth have also done an early reading training workshop with 42 teachers and Head teachers in Masindi using A very busy day. The session focused on developing reading methods which help children enjoy the story and maximise comprehension. After the session, copies of the books were distributed amongst these teachers, who will now be able to share the story with their own pupils.


Illustrations of farm life and crested cranes

Glorious endpapers reference the national bird of Uganda, the crested crane,
which hides on every page of the book for the children to spot.

Black Ugandan woman at table reading the bookGroup of black Ugandan woman looking at the book


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