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Height chart on sale - to grow tall with and aim high!

Firetree books Height chart

We have produced a beautiful children's height chart and have it for sale here at £2.99.

Height chart for children  Height chart for children with child

It’s illustrated with colourful pictures by Paul Cemmick, of Tyra and Dexter, from What Will I be? and Choices choices… written by Dawne Allette.

Tyra and Dexter, the heroes of the books, imagine all sorts of different jobs they could do when they grow up, including racing driver, astronomer, skier, marine biologist, games designer, astronaut…

Black boy as clothes designer, from Choices, choices… by Dawne Allette, illustrated by Paul Cemmick Black girl as vet, from What will I be? by Dawne Allette, illustrated by Paul Cemmick  Black boy as astronomer, from Choices, choices… by Dawne Allette, illustrated by Paul Cemmick

It was not easy to find a printer who had the machines to print this as a single piece of card! Until we found Wood Richardson who had some previous experience - but even they were so delighted at being able to supply what we needed that they blogged about it! Thank you for an excellent service, Wood Richardson.

We have been showing the height chart off at events and wherever we have hung it up, children have found their way to it. They all love to measure themselves but then they linger to discuss the pictures. Paul's humorous take on the world of work provides plenty of talking points.

The design is by Charlotte Grey, who came to us via Creative Access and our thanks go to her too. As well as to the Arts Council without who’s support this would never have been possible.


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