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Chalkhill Book library display

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The staff and children of Chalkhill School have produced a wonderful display to announce the publication of their book, A visit to City Farm. It is up at Brent library in the Civic Centre and tells the whole story of how they made their book with us. 
Collage-like book display


There are comments from several of the children we worked with, including Alaa who says, “it was really cool working with the author because we got to see the process of making a book.”

Our week ended on a really positive note, when we found out that  CLPE (Centre for literacy in primary education) had chosen A visit to City Farm as their book of the week.

They say, “This book is refreshing because it shows many children’s everyday lives in a way still not often seen in picture books and does this by involving real children in its creation. Not only will the children who contributed to this book recognise their lives, so will many others.”

Click here to see their whole review and the others we have had so far.


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