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Second workshop at Chalkhill School

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Our Book Project with Chalkhill Primary School is moving forward very well. Y5 teachers Sandra To and Igland Miguil sent us the work the children have done on the story. They have written some rhymes, chosen names for the protagonists and an appropriate ending.

Verna and I went into the school today to work with the children and make some joint decisions about what will work best for the story and for our young readers.

We have a good selection of names now (chosen from  lists suggested by the children) that reflect the reality of Chalkhill School and community. We continued to discuss with the children the best sounds and letter patterns for young children who are only just learning to read. The Y5s have taken seriously their responsibility as authors and editors. They had done some research and spoke confidently about what would and wouldn’t work.

Verna had put a selection of rhymes in the story.  Some were just skeletons for the children to flesh out. They were enthusiastic and we all chanted them out loud and changed them around until we had them working beautifully.  Very enjoyable session. Mr Rose the music teacher is preparing to work with the children to put them to music. The Y5s will be able to perform them at the launch of the book.

The Y5s reported on the visit from our illustrator, Karin Littlewood. They had learned all about her work and were looking forward to seeing her roughs – simple drawings that are the first stage in the process of making full colour artwork for a picture book. Karin is going back to Chalkhill School to meet the younger children so she can start to sketch some of the protagonists of Verna’s story.

Meanwhile Verna is going to redraft the story taking in the children’s final decisions. Then I can start on the page layout and Karin can start to draw. We are going to keep the children involved and let them see the various stages that follow.

Diverse classroom with children at desk, and male teacher standing

Miss To's Y5 children with Teaching Assistant


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