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Firetree books Workshops

Group of posed, smiling Grenadian children in school uniform

Arriving in Grenada from the UK in early February was sheer bliss. It is where I was born and where I spent my formative years. It was in the Public Library in St George’s that I developed my love of literature, and I was aware of the fact that a few years ago, a severe hurricane had destroyed the Library and there was there no longer access to books for adults or children. Some time ago, I learned that Oonya Kempadoo, author and advocate for children’s rights and creative education, with a band of determined supporters and volunteers, founded Mt Zion Library in response to the community’s lack of access to books and literature. I was delighted and shipped 550 books to help stock up the shelves.  As soon as I arrived in Grenada for my holiday, I contacted Oonya. 
During the second week I was asked to do a short TV interview to publicize the library and I also agreed to run two workshops with children. The first workshop was Story Time. A large group of boys and girls arrived at the library straight from school. We had a great time. They were completely absorbed in the shared reading sessions and asked many questions. The Creative Writing workshop was productive and great fun.  Children and tutors were keen to get started writing their own stories.
I wish them success acquiring the funding for this much needed library.

by Verna

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